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Here u can find several examples of our works and their application. 

Site Development - Online presence promotion and shop automation
The world wide web (WWW) is a huge collection of sites used to present individuals, companies, their products and services and news. A website can forfill the (future) need for information and services, without limitation to the location of the visitor, number of visitors or time of day. The following websites were developed for information services and automation of business processes related to trading of goods,services and information.

London Fashion

Sunwish Health Centre

Webbrochure + winkel
Hotel Overnachtingen
Index listing

Index listing



Bouw Net
Web Index

WebPage Development - The first step to the internet
To accomodate new businesses on the internet we offer our Webpage package. With this single page your business can be promoted and refered to with ease. Including contactdetails, contactpage and a product listing these webpages are ready to go.

Software Development - Automation for optimal performance
Software development is a core activity within I.R. In the last 20 years we have developed real-time software systems for visual entertainment, data processing, network interfacing, payment processing, customer management and other various business processes.

Find here several of our software applications and other software and applications services currently available.

Manage your in's & out's for Maximum automation of services
CMS Software
Domainname Software
Domainname software
Billing Software
Billing software
Image Search Engine
Search Engine + Slider
Monitor Software
Server software
Shop Integration

Catalogs + Shops
iDeal / Ogone / Paypal

Payment Gateways
Backoffice Development /
Automation of Administration

Backoffice Development
System integration

API integration

Software Integration - Connecting opportunities
We have developed various software components available for integration into internet systems. These can also be combined to create larger service and management systems as for example our e-commerce software.
  • DRS Provider interfaces
  • Payment Providers interfaces
  • Geo-graphic systems
  • Document storage systems
  • Server Monitor tools
  • Dynamic HTML E-mails
  • Dynamic PDF Forms
  • Catalogs & shoppingcarts
  • Mailing & Orderforms
  • Database data storage

Various customers

Our hosting clients consist of individuals and organizations, amongst other;

  • The Record Factory
    Multimedia production organisation

  • The Free Software Shop
    Webforum about free license software

    Ukrainian vehicle company

  • Digital Kinetix
    Internet, mobile dataprocessing and client-server solutions.

  • Angastiniotes Bros (Steel constructions) LTD
    Industrial prefabrication constructions

  • Praxis Cruquius
    Homebuilding materials

  • Happy Home
    Online shopping for colonial furniture.

  • Alpha Navigation
    Crewing company

  • Berkhout Wonen
    Consumer articles

  • The Backbones
    Music band

  • Sven Art Productions
    Business IT Design

  • Johns Photos


We serviced various organisations with our (custom) software development and services, amongst others;

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