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Dedicated Servers

Why use Dedicated Servers ?



What are dedicated servers ?

When the demands for the server performance exceed those that shared servers can deliver then the need for a dedicated server has arived. A dedicated server is not shared with others and therefor can direct maximum capacity towards your demands. These servers are fully functional without capacity, time or load limitations in using the webserver.

What are the benefits of dedicated servers ?

A dedicated server impacts directly on the speed at which pages are shown and E-Mails are processed. Dedicated servers tend to run long periods without any problems and are able to process vast amounts of data and transactions. Without the restrictions from a shared server you are also able to tweak the server to fully fit your needs. This can further improve the quality of services and the experience for the users.

Managed hosting

As webservers are not simple to configure and maintain we advise a managed hosting solution where the datacenter supplies and maintains the webserver itself. This allows for maximum performance within the network as well as a 24/7 support team able to resolve any problems that may arise with the technology involved. Managed hosting offers the best of both worlds, technical strength with full control.

Quality of the datacenter

The quality of the datacenter where the server resides is as important as the quality of the server itself. ID&A Dedicated servers are provided through Rackspace that maintains datacenters which are amongst some of the most secure in the world with SAS 70 Type II certification. The datacenters are connected to the internet via multiple network providers ensuring a fully redundant network and 100% network uptime. Read more about the Rackspace datacenters.

ID&A Dedicated Servers

Each server includes a variety of services and software including;

  • a unique IP address
  • Linux operating system
  • webserver software like Apache, Sendmail, Bind, Perl, PHP and MySQL
  • a Plesk control panel
  • hardware and connectivity monitoring services
  • Zero-Downtime Tier-1 Network over MCI, Sprint, Tiscali, Abovenet and LINX
  • fully resilient DNS infrastructure
  • 24/7 server support
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