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Reformat or Redesign ?

Data design

From time to time it will be required to redesign the data flows that pass through your organization. Beeing it paperflows or electronic data flows, improving the data flow of your organization keeps the efficiency levels up. Optimal data management results to efficient access methods and a shorter timecycle in processing.

Formats and procedures

Depending on the destination of the data or its use the format of the data can play a key factor. Designing your data formats and procedures will structure the processes in your organisation. This structure will result to a higher level of quality in the finishing product.

Validation and automation

Assuring that your data is valid when added requires strict validation. Most of the validation rules for data can be tested for with software that automaticly validates, other rules require manual validation. The validation process is mandatory for data that can not be reproduced easily. Automation provides the ability to monitor and validate data at a high rate.

I.R Data Design services

At I.R we value your data as most important. Storing and processing it in a save environment we therefor see as a critical task. Designing your data and procedures to match with todays and future requirements is a task our design team gladly takes up. Through interviews and analysis we will define the neccesary structure for current or future data and procedures. For more information on our I.R data design services contact us.

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