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Content Management Systems

Maintaining your website with ease



Content Management Systems

When you wish to update content regularly and without delay a CMS offers the solution. Allowing you to create, alter and maintain the content of your website and with some systems even alter the look and feel of your website layout and presentation. With a CMS you have access to your content 24 hours per day 7 days per week enabling you to execute your updates at will. Many systems support the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) technology where the content creation process allows you to make changes to the content as it will be shown.

Custom CMS

If available CMS systems do not offer the functionalities you require or they do not support the procedure you desire then a custom CMS offers the solution. Having the functionalities you request and supporting the procedures of your organization a custom system will improve efficieny of your updates and shorten the time required. Custom systems also allow for easier expansion to add more functionalities or a larger amount of content. When you know your website will need grow then a custom CMS may be just what you need.

I.R.  Custom CMS Development

At I.R.  we have provided many organizations with a custom CMS fitted to their needs. Our team works closely with the organization in defining the requirements of the CMS and full support is offered during its use within your organization. With a custom CMS from I.R. you have full control over your update schedules. If you are interested in our custom CMS development service then contact us.

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