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Domainname Activation

Activating a domainname for E-Mail or Website usage


To activate your domainname for use with E-Mail or website services it will need to be hosted on a webserver. With such an webhosting account the domainname is enabled for facilities as E-Mail, up- and downloading and website applications are provided for. Hosting accounts are usually obtained for periods of 1 year or more.


There are no requirements for obtaining a hosting account other then the legality of actions in using the account, the webserver it is hosted on and the internet it is connected to.

E-Mail hosting

To enable a domainname for use with E-Mail a hosting account is required. On this account mailboxes with prefered E-Mail addresses can be created and maintained. Features as catch-all adresses, address aliases and webmail are usually available to extend the functionalities of the E-Mail account.

Website hosting

To serve internet users with your own website pages a hosting account is required. On this account one can place the data and files that form the website or application. Once configured correctly visitors of the world wide web can browse your site or application using webbrowser applications like Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Diskspace and traffic

To store your E-Mail and website data there is diskspace required. This diskspace is reserved with your hosting account and allows you to store the data all year round for it to be accessible through any internet connection. The transmitting of E-Mail messages or website pages is charged for, this so-called traffic is reserved with your hosting account and based on monthly quotas. When exceeding diskspace or traffic limits an upgrade can be requested to adjust the account to fit your usage.

ID&A Hosting accounts

Beeing hosted with ID&A offers access to a fast and stable network connection with a solid uptime of over 99.99%. Our serverpark is located at a London world hub in one of the high quality Rackspace datacenters. Our hosting accounts are suitable for professional/business use and portfolio hosting.

Read more about hosting accounts or visit our Hosting panel to see our hosting offers.

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