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Domainname Management

Managing a domainname for changes and updates

Domainname portfolio

Keeping track of your domainname portfolio can be a tidious job. Making use of portfolio software simplifies management and enables you to find and manage domainnames with ease. Many providers offer portfolio software with their registration services.

Updates and trading

For updates to the contact or nameservers records a request can be submitted to your provider. These changes will then be submitted to the registry that maintains the domainname record. Updates to a domainname have a delayed result, this delay can be from 5 minutes upto several days.


Many Registration Service Providers inform you upfront when your domainname is expiring. Usually this is done by sending E-Mail reminders to the address that was given during the registration process. For this reason it is important that the registration details are up to date to avoid undesired expiration of the domainname.

I.R Real-time management

Using our comprehensive domainname management software we are able to manage domainnames in real-time and offer a range of supporting functionalities for reminders, updates, renewals and portfolio listings. Keeping track of your domainname portfolio has never been easier.

  DRS Software for Registrars

If you have a large portfolio then considering use of a registrar account at an RSP (Registration Service Provider) can result to lower prices. At such point the interfaces of various RSPs will make the workload harder to handle. Our Clientpanel DRS Software provides access to these RSP's allowing management through a universal interface. Read more about our DRS Software.


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