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Domainname Registration

Registering a domainname for (future) use


To obtain the right to solely use a domainname you must register it. Registration services are offered by Registration Service Providers (RSP's). These RSP's can submit your request to the organisation that manages the TLD for the domainname you choose (the Network Information Centers). A registration is valid for 1 or more years. If a registration is not renewed then the domainname will become available to the public again.


The requirements for the various TLD's vary. Some TLD's require extensive paperwork, some require a personal or business registration number. Many of them have no restrictions other then the information to be valid.
Read more about the conditions per TLD in our Domain Name Registration shop.

Is the domainname available ?

As domainnames have to be renewed per year or 2 years an existing domainname may become available after time. To verify if domainname is available the so-called WhoIs system can be accessed to obtain this information.

To verify if your prefered domainname is available you can enter the form in our Domain Name Registration shop

Domainname resellers

For domainname resellers we offer discounts and additional services as online management, realtime registrations, bulk orders and much more. More information about our resellers accounts can be found here. For those resellers that process large volumes of domainnames further automation may be desired. For this we offer our Clientpanel software for automated domainname management.

Domainname TLD's

For a full list of world wide available TLD"s see the TLD list maintained by IANA.

For a list of all available TLD's through I.R visit our Domain Name Registration shop

I.R Domain Name Registration services

I.R delivers a wide range of domainnames using comprehensive domainname management software. This software allows us to manage vast amounts of domainnames in real-time at affordable prices. As a well stablished provider we have over 10 years of experience in managing domainnames and helping customers to develop their online ventures. For support on aquiring or using a domainname you can contact our domainname team for information and advice.

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