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Out of the box or Custom designed ?

Internet Applications

When the need for sharing data amongst many users spread over vast distances becomes a challenge online applications offer a solution. By sharing schedules, documents, notes and other information a organization can exceed in expectations of efficiency. Sharing over the internet is not bound by the number of users, their physical distance nor their their schedule

Interfaces and procedures

A proper user interface allows users to quickly and intuitive understand how to work with the application. The interface enforces the procedures of your organization whilst maintaining freedom of navigation. By defining the user interface according to your requirements you ensure that the application can be used in an efficient manner.

Automation software

Automating the data processes within your organization allows for shorter task cycles. Once your administration is already maintained using electronic systems this advantage is quickly gained by connecting automation software to the data source. Online administration systems allow you to be independant of work and office locations. Online software automation offers the benifits of 24/7 real-time data processing, automatic connections to other online systems and automaticly notifying users .

I.R  Application design services

By having your application desiged you assure that integration and use of the application within your organization has a high degree of succes. At I.R the task of fitting requirements with technical capabilities and procedures is a well known routine. By working closely with your organization in the process of designing we can achieve an optimal result in the final development process. Contact us for more information about the application design service at I.R.

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