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Building content for websites

Content selection

Once you have decided to take the first steps on the internet, you will have to decide on your layout and content of your (new) website. We are able to design, build and maintain the requested website but its content must be defined by your organization. Once defined in the design process we can develop the content parts and integrate them into your website. We advise you to reflect your current business design into the website. This will strenghten the recoqnition that a customer might have with your business. Should there be the need for another layout, then we will gladly design it for you.

Content production

We provide content development services for our customers through inhouse and outsourced developers. Depending on the type of content highly qualified developers will be selected. During your order we will help specify in detail which data and functionalitites are required. We can produce content of the following types;

  • logo's
  • banners
  • buttons
  • backgrounds
  • animations
  • text formatting
  • product and service photos

I.R Content Development services

Developing content often starts with material that your organization already has. Our content development team helps with the process of digitizing and preparing this material for use as online content. Material that is not available like new logo's, advertisements or content and service photographs will be obtained or created. With the professional content development team of I.R you can assure yourself that every bit of content will be presented in full. For more information about our content development services contact us.

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