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icon_development_integrationContent and Software Integration

Combining information with functionality

Content integration

For the final step of development the content will be integrated into the framework of your website. This process completes the static part of the final product. Containing all the information you wish to publish it often forms the largest part of a website. We therefor see it as an important task to fit the content without losing any of its quality, shape or meaning. Content integration at a quality level ensures you that the product resembles the design as agreed upon.

Software integration

To complete the final system all software components are integrated and interfaces configured to connect properly. Even after having tested the components once connected the whole system will undergo further extensive tests. During software integration the realiability of the system and so your website is set. Proper integration offers a durable functioning website though efficient in maintenance and upgrades.


After initial development changes may occur or your content may be of a dynamic nature and require regular updates. This maintenance of content and software keeps your website up to date with information and standards. Active organizations often present themselfs as such through their website. Such websites often have a maintenance costs higher then the initial development. By integrating content and software using efficient methods the maintenance costs can be reduced. For long-term operation automated systems may reduce costs even further whilst improving quality and performance of your organization.

ID&A Content and Software Integration services

Having a team that understands all components of your website means there is little to worry about but the pricetag. One can argue that quality is not everything but when it comes to combining valuable assets together for a more valuable final product quality counts. With a professional crew of content and software developers all components are seamlessy integrated into the framework of your website for optimal results. For more information about our integration services contact us.

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