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Structured development for efficient layouts

Website layout

The final layout of your website will be defined during the design process. With this design the development of the layout starts where translations to technical functionalities result to hands-on products that can be viewed and tested. During this process adjustments often follow as the hands-on testing offers more insight into what is desired in the final product.


Having the ability to navigate efficiently through large volumes of content without having to spend much effort allows for ease of navigation. Visitors can therefor concentrate in full on the topic of the content. A flexible navigation allows for additional depth and functionalities therefor it is wise to review future plans and technical changes during content design.

ID&A Layout Development services

With all our website development services we include our layout development service to assure perfect composition of the elements in your website. The development team at I.R uses a range of standard and advanced internet technics allowing us to produce very efficient layouts whilst maintaining the given presentation requirements. Our layouts can be also be delivered to fit with other existing content and software.

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