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  Community Add on's

To stimulate more usage of your website by returning visitors you can add functionalities for community sharing of information and opinions. Options for forums, chat boxes, shout boxes, one-liners, voting and play systems create the option for visitors to enjoy there stay longer by sharing with fellow enthusiasts or find additional detailed information.

User profiles

When a online resource is used often by a visitor offering profile options can make the visits easier, faster and more enjoyable. By offering various automated memory or reminder mechanisms that follow the user preference a visit can also be made more efficient. Taking away some of the work involved with searching, accessing or sharing information by using profiles is a must for websites with vast resources.

Extended support

Giving visitors the ability to contact support in just a few clicks for questions, comments, call-back options or live chat creates a feeling of attention for the visitor. Online contact and dialog tools allow for a shorter time to service. Live dialogs may even offer instant solutions to visitors with questions or problems. Availability of support depends on the type of service, where some services require 24/7 support others may suffice with office hours only or specific days per week. This availability can be supplemented by using online contact tools where visitors can leave their message for the next support shift.

I.R.  Application development

At I.R.  we offer various standard website add on's and we can develop many more. These add on's can be design to easily integrate into existing websites and applications. When required they can be connected to databases, filesystems and other systems to offer a range of functionalities to inform or entertain your visitors.

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