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  Custom Software Development

  Rapid Application and Site realization 

Realisation and integration of internet into your organisation is a delicate process. From advise to support you will require dedication for the long-term. We offer you such as a single contact for all your internet development. For over a decade we have been developing a range of software for online applications and have established ourselfs as a quality developer for the LAMP internet platform

Get a fitting software solution for lasting results

lampThe acronym LAMP is sometimes used to describe the most popular PHP environment configuration. The initials refer to Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Linux provides the reliability needed for minimum downtime and has robust security. We develop all our software specificly for the LAMP platform to offer our customers a optimal combination of webserver and websoftware.

Automation software

Automation Software allows us to process a vast amount of data and make decisions in shorter time. Having your flow of information or production units automated will improve speed of delivery while increasing the efficiency of the organisation. Depending on the need for your organization we can deliver standard applications or custom build software or add-ons. Using a rapid-development approach to prototype the applications are produced in phases allowing for detailed finetuning to match offline procedures and conditions. 

Domainname Management software

For Registration Service providers (RSP's) we offer a fitting solution for your domainname management for SIDN, DNS.BE, eNom, RRPProxy , EuroDNS, EURid and AutoDNS domainname providers. Our Clientpanel DRS software offers you all the comforts of automated domainname management. With the universal interface you can access the system from any internet station and control the (automated) management of your various DRS accounts. Read more.

Payment Providers interfaces

As payments usually trigger the processing of an order it is a big advantage to have payments processed electronicly for the fastest results. Integration of online payment features into your webshop will attract more customers and improve the speed of sales. There is a wide range of Payment Providers, each with its own advantages. We advise amongst others the following providers Ogone, Paypal, iDeal, 2Checkout, Multisafepay. 

Dynamic Content Generation

With the mass of content beeing produced for online use the storage requirements can sometimes exceed available resources. In such case remote storage is one option but a more efficient option would be to dynamicly generate this content on request. Content that is generated dynamicly usually consists of webpages, images, statistics and  reports. Such content generation systems are easily integrated into most systems. 

Search Engine software

As professionals in Search Engine technology we provide such automation services for companies that require indexes for their data sets or frontend search tools. With the ability to access this data from a variety of systems and devices its use becomes more efficient. Features to manage the data remotely may enhance its quality rapidly and help improve quality of production.

Geo-graphic software

Our geo-graphic software enables visitors to present geo-graphic related items, content, products and services onto the Google map shown within your website or weboffice. This map can be manipulated in realtime allowing the visitor to select routes to the locations or select locations in a certain range. Using geo-graphic software the user has a familiar method of finding a prefered location in an known or unknown area.

Supported Payment methods

We accept payment by major creditcards, bank transfer and Paypal. Details of our payment options can be found here

Paypal Bank transfer

Award winning partners and technology

Continues working towards quality improvements requires strong and innovative partners. Amongst our winning resources in the technology market we include Rackspace, eNom, SIDN, Linux, PHP. Our rapid development services for automation software is based on the growing succes of these proven innovative technology resources

Requesting advise or development quotes

Feel free to contact us for more information on our Software development services or request job quotes for your projects our sales desk.

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