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 What is E(lectronic)-Mail ? 



What is a E-Mail ?

E-Mail (short for Electronic-Mail) is the transmission, receival and storage of digital messages. With a digital (email) message one can sent/receive many types of media. In the message one can show text and images directly to the reader. One can transmit files or offer or submit an application through email. E-Mail is versatile and fast making world wide dialogs and data sharing possible with ease.

What email address can i use ?

An E-Mail address requires a domainname which is enabled for E-Mail use. In front of this domainname you can place your username. Together ( these form an email address. An E-Mail address has several rules and is only functional if the address is valid.

The rules for a valid E-Mail address are ;

  • the username part in front of the @ sign may only consist of the alphanumeric characters
    A to Z, 0 to 9, the underscore ( _ ) , the hyphen ( - ) and the period ( . )
  • the username must start with a letter or number as first character
  • uppercase and lowercase characters are treated the same
  • there are no spaces allowed in or after the username or @ symbol
  • the full email address should not exceed 127 characters

What do i need for using E-Mail ?

To make use of E-Mail you will need an hosted account offering E-Mail services for incoming and outgoing E-Mail. This account can be accessed by online applications (webmail) as well as offline locally stored applications (regular mail applications). Local E-Mail applications like Outlook, Incredimail, Opera Mail and others offer a range of functionalities making the management of new and old E-Mails a joy. Select your E-Mail application carefully, its limitations are yours when chosen.

Spam and Virus risks ?

Beeing free of spam and fishing attacks as well as safe from virusses is a must these days. With over a 100 billion spam messages generated per day your mailbox could potentially fill up with mostly spam. Using a spam filter helps to remove the E-Mails which are most likely spam. ID&A offers EMail Defense services using MX Logic technology.

Viruses can be very harmfull to your daily activities. Exluding viruses from your computer starts with a proper virus scanner which is set to scan your computer system regularly. Most virus scanners include removal routines where the virus immediatly is taken care off. Advised is anti virus software from Semantic or Mcafee.

Server quality

The quality of the mailserver is an important issue for fast and consistent E-Mail services. Fast responses, a clean no-spam history and backups are aspects that should rank high on your criteria. ID&A offers such servers as managed servers in quality Rackspace datacenters. With ID&A your mailserver has a team of technical postman available to tackle the problems that can arise.

"ID&A Perfect Uptime E-Mail servers"
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(Source: InterSeer April 2012)

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