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Why present online ?

Why present online ?

The benefits of lower resoures usage through the use of presentations using electronics, instant worldwide delivery, continues services and other aspects offer much improvements over conventional presentations. Having your presentation online grants you access to a very large audience which can now plan their time to sit down and view your presentation with a higher attention span.

Site design

For reasons of branding and visitor perception the right site design can be strong tool in convincing a visitor to support the goal of a organisation. Differences between B2C and B2B marketing, local cultures, language differences and even local traditions may require your design to differ from known standards. Designing your website and its elements is proces not to skip on the road to a succesful website.

Navigation design

To effectively navigate through the various pages and subtopics of a website in a simple and intuitive navigation is required. Designing such a navigation which fits the design of the presentation is advised to ensure that every visitor will have the ability to properly access the website. An effective navigation offers a visitor guidance whilst browsing the website.

Content integration

With various types of multimedia content available the job of integrating them into the design of a website has become a technical challenge. Using widely compatible technics assures that the content will be presented in proper quality on many of the available internet browsers. Additional services are available to secure content for access, copyright, archiving and backup purposes.

I.R Website Realization services

As one of our main activities we develop websites for private entrepeneurs and organizations. We develop and support a variety of websites from simple online brochures to advanced webshops and office backends. If you want a one-stop quality support point for your website services then our team at I.R is surely one stop not to skip. Contact us for more information about the website realization service at I.R.

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