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Ordering ID&A website development and maintenance services

Use this form to state your global requirements.
After your request we will contact you for a consult and further details.
Quote and job submission are usually handled within 24 hours.

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Webdevelopment package
What is the main purpose of the website ?

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Name awareness on the internet
Connectivity to the website
Presentation of the website
Protection off the website
Maintenance of the website
Technical support

Which functionalities would u like to included in your website.
Language support
Headline textscroller
RSS news feeds
Audio streams
MultiMedia animations
MultiMedia streaming
News system
Mailing system
Chat or shoutbox
File uploads
Page / site CMS
Product catelog system
Order/reservation system
Billing system
Payment system
Article database/listing
Administration system
Helpdesk system
Reporting system< /FONT>
If you have any websites that you find are good examples of what you want then add their URLS here.

Do you wish to host the website on an ID&A hosting account ? Yes
The required domain name
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Thank you for your interest. U can now send us this information by clicking the SUBMIT button below. If this form does not function properly we ask you to contact and inform us.

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