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Website Hosting

What is Website Hosting ?



What is a website ?

  An website consist of a presentation (graphic design/layout), navigation and content. This content can be either tekst, images, sound, video or any other type of digital media. The website is constructed from pages in wich the design, layout, navigation and menu parts will be published together to the internet visitor. The interactivity of the website will allow visitors to browse through the website using the navigation and to activate any offered services or functionalities within the website.

What do i need to publish a website ?

To publish a website on the internet hosting facilities are required either in the form of a hosting account or a dedicated hosting server. The hosting facility will provide the ability to publish the webpages over the internet to the visitors. To present your website a domainname that reflects your service or goals is advised though not always required. The quality of an website relies on the creative, langual and technical capacities of the development team.

Quality of hosting

The quality of the webserver and website are very important issues on the road to a succesful website. The webserver itself should always respond and it should respond fast and without errors. ID&A offers such servers as managed servers in quality Rackspace datacenters maintaining a zero-downtime tier-1 network connected to the internet through hubs like MCI, Sprint, Tiscali, Abovenet and LINX. With ID&A your webserver has a team of technical webmasters available to tackle the problems that can arise.

"ID&A Perfect Uptime Web Servers"
Our servers are monitored by InterSeer.
(Source: InterSeer December 2021)

ID&A Website and Application hosting plans

All our hosting accounts come with various services and options amongst which;

  • An Online and Offline helpdesk
  • An online administration system for services and billings
  • FTP / Telnet / CGI - Perl 5 / PHP(3/4) / WAP-WML /
  • Webalizer statistics (Example)
  • Custom error pagina's (Example)
  • WebMail (browser) access
  • Monthly disk backups Daily database backups
  • Access to server logfiles
  • Access to virtual server logfiles
  • And the friendly services of our support team

 Our webservers are configured for many applications for you to present your company to the maximum using your own website. For more information on our hosting accounts or to select a hostingpanel click here.

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