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Find below our contact addresses and supported payment methods.

General information
Address: Platostraat 65, 3076 BL Rotterdam, NL

Chamber of Commerce: K.v.K Rotterdam 60862483
VAT number: NL001621450B91
Bank: NL04 INGB 0002 3794 55 



Payment per Credit card
For payment using all major credit cards contact
our sales desk at State your
order / invoice number and request payment by creditcard.

All our online shops have creditcard payment integrated
in the sales process. Supported is payment by direct
creditcard debit and payment by thirdparty ecash providers
(eg. Paypal).

Payment by Paypal
For payments through Paypal you an sent payment to the
Paypal address

Payment per (international) Bank transfer
Bank: ING
Bank sort / BIC code: INGBNL2A
Bank Address: Bijlmerdreef 109, 1102 BW Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Account IBAN number: NL04INGB0002379455 
Account holder : MDP De Clerck
Account holder address: Platostraat 65, 3076 BL, Rotterdam

!Note: Additional banking costs are to be forfilled in full by the customer.
We will not accept payments with a collection fee as full payments so confirm
the additional fee with your bank.

Payment per Postal cheque or other
Due to the high overhead on processing cheques we do not accept payment by 
postal cheque or other then the above stated payment methods.

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