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Custom software development for a perfect score

Internet software

With your website connected to the internet it can also directly connect to online users, resources libraries and other systems. These internet features allow for interactive and realtime software to function on your website. Software for a variaty of applications from informal to commercial can expand your website with more information, functionality and service for visitors.

Below you can find some of the most used internet components;

  • contact / email forms
  • product and services catalogs
  • shopping systems
  • administration and support systems
  • online / electronic payment systems
  • geo-graphic systems
  • conversion systems
  • index and listing systems
  • mailing systems

Custom software development

The available software that utilises the full benifit of the internet often does not fit with your requirements or procedures. In such case the solution may be to develop custom software as components or full applications to fit your requirements exactly. With custom software development you will have less technical restrictions on your requirements and as a result the final product fits better with your organization.

ID&A Software Development services

We develop internet software using the successful LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) platforms. This very stable though flexibility platform has the power that allows us to match even the most demanding product requirements. With development on the stable LAMP platform the time to deliver and the development costs are kept to a minimum.

Read more about our software development services.

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